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Pivotal Group Sample Pricing for Non-Members
Complete pricing for all vendors is available in our members' area within minutes of completing your online application. For now, here's a handful of examples showing how much you can expect to save.
Pivotal Group

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  • Stock Aspheric Poly w/ Hardcoat: $1.96*
  • Stock Aspheric Poly w/ Premium AR: $4.24*
  • Stock 1.67 w/ Premium AR: $14.50*
  • Full Digital Basic Progressive: $20.00*
  • Backside Custom Freeform Progressive (Hi Index 1.60): $37.00*
  • Premium, 2-Year Warranty AR: $15.00*
Other Groups & Alliances

$1K - $30K
or more per year, depending on the group.
  • Stock Aspheric Poly w/ Hardcoat: $4 to $10
  • Stock Aspheric Poly w/ Premium AR: $12 to $40
  • Stock 1.67 w/ Premium AR: $27 to $60
  • Full Digital Basic Progressive: $40 to $60
  • Backside Custom Freeform Progressive (Hi Index 1.60): $140 to $200
  • Premium, 2-Year Warranty AR: $35 to $60
*make sure when comparing Pivotal Group pricing to your existing pricing that you're factoring in these prices are per pair, not per lens.
Cut The Cost of Your Most-Used Supplies by 50% - 80% or More... with ZERO Quality Loss
Doctors across the United States have put our partners through the wringer. We understand — it's hard to believe that prices this low are possible for equal-quality products.

Time and time again, our members have found that ALL of our partners' products stand toe-to-toe with the most expensive brands of the industry... without the bloated costs due to marketing budgets and "brand name" pricing.

This is how we save our average members $30,000 - $50,000 the first year they join. Larger & multi-location practices are saving $100,000 - $150,000 their first year.
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Pivotal Group opened to the public in February 2018 and quickly became the fastest-growing optometric group in the world.

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